4th Mon - 5th Mon

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4th Mon - 5th Mon

Fundamental Skills
  1. Alternative grip (options)
  2. Mae Mawari Ukemi (Standing Rollng Breakfalls to both sides) See BJA Link on front page
  3. Ippon-seoi-nage (single arm shoulder throw)

  1. Kami-shiho-gatame (upper four quarters) see next video
Performance Skills
  1. Ippon-seoi-nage into Kami-shiho-gatame

  1. Kami-shiho-gatame escape using action and reaction See BJA Link on front page
  2. Turnover into Kesa-gatame: Uke(defender) on all fours See BJA Link on front page 
Player Choice

Demonstrate two of their favourite techniques (waza)


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