5th Mon - 6th Mon

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5th Mon - 6th Mon

Fundamental Skills
  1. Use any alternative to a standard grip  See BJA Link on front page
  2. Mae Ukemi (front breakfall) See BJA Link on front page 
  3. Ouchi-gari (major inner reaping)


  1. Tate-shiho-gatame (Lengthwise four quarters)


Performance Skills
  1. Ouchi-gari into Tate-shiho-gatame (put together as one move) See BJA Link on front page
  2. Tate-shiho-gatame escape using "calmping action" See Tate-shiho video above
  3. Turnover into Mune-gatame: Uke on all fours See BJA Link on front page 
  4. Demonstrate a light Randori (as Nage-Komi on the move) cooprative partner
Players Choice

Demonstrate two favourite techniques


Knowledge of translation and meaning of terminology used in this section
Give two examples of actions against the rules