7th Mon - 8th Mon

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7th Mon - 8th Mon

Fundamental Skills 
  1. Ko-soto-gari (Minor Outer Reaping)


  1. Ko-soto-gake (MinorOuter Hook)


  1. Morote-seoi-nage (Two Handed Shoulder Throw)


Performance Skills
  1. Attacking and defending in free practice (Randori)
  2. Ko-uchi-gari into Morote-seoi-nage


  1. Tai-otoshi countered by Ko-soto-gake


  1. Escape into Yoko-shiho-gatame past Uke's legs  See BJA Link on front page 
  2. Turnover into Tate-shiho-gatame from underneath
Players choice

Demonstrate three favourite techniques

Translate the following

Shido - small penalty (minor infringement) / Hansoku-make - Disqualification

Demonstrate and Translate the following

Matte - Stop / Osae-komi - Hold down / Toketa - Hold broken / Adjusting Judogi

Contest Rules

Two actions against the rules