12th Mon - 13th Mon

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12th Mon - 13th Mon

Fundamental Skills
  1. Koshi-guruma (Hip Wheel)


  1. Tani-otoshi (Valley Drop)


  1. Yoko-guruma (Side Wheel)


  1. Ude-garami (Entangled Arm Lock)


Performance Skills
  1. Free practice - Randori
  2. Knowledge of selected Kaeshi-waza combinations (Counter techneques)
  3. Ude-garame from Kuzure kesa gatame

3A. See above video and hold in Kuzure kesa then roll onto partner (chest on chest) and apply Ude garame (see Ude garami video above)

  1. Kumi-Kata (engagement position / grips) skills against right handed opponents, See BJA Link on front page
Player's Choice

Demonstrate four favourite techniques
To know the common English translation and meaning of Japanese terminology in this section