BJC national competition May 2012


Congratulations to all the competitors that attended the above competition at the weekend and for some of them it was their first one outside our own organisation which came with a couple of  complications especially for the coach.
1. No coaching from the mat side, as most of you are aware this is very difficult for me and before our players even started fighting I found myself having discussions with the ref, I was only trying to help!!!!
2. Players that had recently had success in the Commonwealth games were not allowed to wear their Judogi that had the patches on the back and to add insult to injury they couldn't even have stripes on the arms from the Addidas brand of suit.
All players that attended the event came back with a medal and also gained a lot of experience from the day and the fights they had, Toby the youngest of the team had to compete with players he recently had problems with and was able to pick up a silver medal, Helen and Robyn both fought in the same category and fought players they had never met before and Helen got Bronze with Robyn picking up Silver, the last player of the day was Liam and after possibly breaking his foot in practice at the training session before the comp he too managed to pick up a Bronze. 
So well done to you all and let's try to keep the momentum of the club going.










Kidderminster Competition 31/10 

Two of our Club players who both had their first experience of a Competition for different reasons when they went to the Rod Lane Memorial Senior Kyu Grades.
James Kennedy :-
This was his first competition sice starting Judo and was able to show a very good standard of Judo using a variety of techniqes to throw his aponents with Hiza guruma,uranage and also worked well on the ground even trying armlocks and strangles and came through his pool of 4 in first place and went straight into the semi final fight with an Orange belt from the other pool of 4 and after a couple of minutes of hard work and even escaping once from a very strong hold down he was lost on the ground, but congratulations on your first Bronze Medal.
Michal Jirsak :-
Although he is a more experienced player this was Michal's first competition in the Uk and found the experiece somewhat different to fighting on his home turf, he found that competitors actuallly talk and encourage each other after fights and generally show good sportsmanship (well done the BJA and all clubs that suport this going forward). Mickal missed out on his weight catagory by 1.2 kgs (after starving himself for nearlly a week beforehand(nice try mate))and had to fight the open bracket, so although his pool was smaller his apponenets certainly were not and this included a 177kg fighter who eventually won, but once again he enjoyed the experience and showed a good standard of Judo on the day and once again came away with a Bronze Medal.
Well done chaps hope this first for you both was worth the effort and i look forward to supporting you in Judo going forward.
Joe, Helen and Liam 

Corby Primary Schools Judo Comeptition

The above competition was held on 01/04/2009 at the Corby Acadamy with 6 local schools entering 32 compeditors and i would like to say congratulations to the following members of the Club who entered and were able to show a good standard of judo skills in Tachi-waza and also showing good transition into Ne-Waza as and when required, this display of Judo and sportsmanship on the day whether winning or losing to a fellow competitor was always finished with a smile and handshake.
WELL DONE TO THE TEAM :- Keep it up and hopefully we can continue to excell at what we do in JUDO

Weight Category -  boys U8 Flyweight
1st – Joshua Bell (Gretton)
2nd – Jay Francois (Gretton)

Weight Category –Boys Light Middleweight
1st – Josh Rose (Studfall)
2nd – Charlie Dawson (Studfall)
3rd Nathan Clarke (Studfall)
4th  Stewart McNabb (Woodnewton)

Weight Category – Girls Featherweight
1st – Storm Tanga (Corby Judo Kwai/ Studfall)
2nd – Ellie Alcorn – (Corby Old Village)
3rd – Lucy Benson – (Weldon)

Weight Category –Boys Middleweight
1st – CJ Gibson (Corby Judo Kwai/Studfall)
1st – Owen Robinson (Corby Judo Kwai/Studfall)
3rd – Bailey Anderson (Studfall)
4th – Charlie Hammond (Woodnewton)

Weight Category –Girls Flyweight
1st – Lauren Carter (Woodnewton)
2nd – Molly Allsop (Weldon)
3rd – Lauren Sardeson (Woodnewton)

Weight Category – Boys Cruiserweight
1st – Ryan Mulligan (Studfall)
2nd – Daniel Loughran (Studfall)
3rd – Kyle English (Studfall)

Weight Category – Girls Middleweight
1st – Katie Burks (Corby Judo Kwai/ Woodnewton)
2nd Beth Maxwell (Studfall)
3rd Lauren Shirlaw (Rockingham)

Weight Category – Boys Heavyweight
1st – Luke Welsh (Studfall)
2nd – Jack Panter (Weldon)
-          Ethan Fitzsimmons (Woodnewton)
-          Dominic Graham (Woodnewton)

Weight Category – Boys Flyweight
1st – Sam Charter (Corby Judo Kwai/ Studfall)
2nd Matthew Charter (Corby Judo Kwai/Studfall)
3rd – Louie Anderson (Gretton)
4th  – Aaron McNabb (Woodnewton)